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The Day in Sovero Art House in Eura

Sovero Art House offers to the Visitors a possibility to spend a day
in an old wooden Villa from 1905. In the House the Guest
may experience the atmosphere of the House and the owner's
art giving happy feeling. The Guest has a possibility
to paint a small picture on wood under Kaisa Sovero's quidance.
The Guest may have the inspiration for the painting from the garden.
The House is surrounded by the old garden and trees,
so in this milieu the Guest may experience the atmosphere
of the Finnish Nature. Inside the House there is also the
owner's permanent art exhibition.

The Duration in the Art House:
About 6 hours.

The Price for one person: 120

Size of the group 2-8 persons.
Included in the price:

- Guidance in the house
- A meal and coffee or tea
- Guidance and the materials for the own painting

Availability of the product:

English, Greek
also Swedish and German